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The Starbridge Sports Service is one to one and personal, we strive to ensure that every athlete gets the tailored support that they need to succeed.

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Callum Hubble

Callum Hubble - Rogers State University - NCAA DII

From the moment I came into contact with starbridge they were very simple and clear and personable with what the process was going to be. They were consistent and always had my best interested at heart…

Starbridge sought after various top Universities on my behalf and importantly where they would felt I would fitting well both academically and athletically. Starbridge also put on a top level invite only showcase game inviting coaches from across America to attend.

During the scholarship process, Starbridge helped with the process of converting my grades over to the University, helping me with visa applications and all the other paperwork required to become eligible to play with out any problems. They would respond instantly if myself or my parents had any concerns before during and after the process.

For anyone looking to obtain an athletic scholarship in the USA I would 100% recommend Starbridge and their team for the process.

Luke Morgan

Luke Morgan - Rogers State University - NCAA DII

After leaving Mansfield Town FC in 2018 I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I decided that my passion was football and education decided to pursue college soccer in the states along with gaining a degree…

After an amazing freshman year, I can say it was the best decision of my life. Starbridge and the team are to thank for making this happen. Any struggles or questions I had, starbridge were their to help me and provide me with the right information.

They helped me sign with Roger State University in Oklahoma and I absolutely love it here. Winning a championship ring in my freshman year will be something I never forget and I have Statbridge to thank for everything and truest appreciate their aftercare service.

Rory Carlson

Neil Carlson, parent of Rory - University of Illinois at Springfield - NCAA DII

When the idea was presented to me that perhaps my son could get a soccer scholarship, earn a degree and continue to play the sport he loves, I could barely grasp how labyrinth and time-consuming the process seemed to be. We didn’t have any idea where to begin…

But I was spurred on by how perfect it would be if all the years spent ferrying my son to football training and matches, coaching his five-a-side team at primary school, sharing the triumphs, disappointments and the often awful weather, had some deeper purpose - some value for the commitment Rory had shown throughout.

I was introduced to Starbridge by chance, and was immediately attracted to the fact that it seemed like less of a business than a calling. There was never any pressure, and Rory was attracted to the idea and to the people from Starbridge.

He was invited to take part in a showcase game and from that point the process seemed much less daunting, though it was long and involved.

We always felt that Starbridge had Rory’s best interests at heart. There was always time for a meeting and a chat, guiding us through and scheduling the various steps of the process. Starbridge didn’t sugar-coat what the process would entail or make far-fetched promises - but they made it clear that their commitment would extend right through Rory’s time at college. And they’ve been as good as their word. We couldn’t recommend their services more highly.

Kirstie Jackson

Kirstie Jackson - Union University

Going to University in America was always just a dream. I was 12 when I first heard about a female footballer who moved to America to gain a degree and to play. From then on I was so inspired and motivated to do the same and to have the same experiences that she had.

Starbridge helped me get in contact with coaches and programs that would suit me as a player. Over time I was in contact with multiple coaches discussing options and what they had to offer at their universities. Whilst this was happening I was also studying the ACT. This is an exam this is required to get out to the US to study. I knew that my university required a certain score in order to offer the scholarship that I needed therefore I was striving to achieve that.

I chose to go to Union University in Tennessee. Tennessee is based in the South, it’s a state that is very hot in the summer yet very cold in the winter. I had to adapt to the climate change and work extremely hard on my fitness to keep up with the pace of American soccer as they are very athletic and physically strong. This is something that was challenging for me however can certainly be achieved through the strength and conditioning coaches, the nutritional advice, physio therapy and the team bonding that gets you through the training everyday. As a team we trained 3 times a day which is indeed tough but benefitted us on the field. Unfortunately I managed to get injured last season however the rehabilitation process that I went through was amazing! They helped me get through my injures and I was still involved with the team.

The facilities were incredible within the university and at other colleges that we played at. I have now found a love for a variety of sports that I’d never watched before like baseball, volleyball and basketball. As a team on campus we support one and other and this is something that I loved because we were a big athletic community.

Moving out to the states was a maturing yet exciting experience. I didn’t really know what to expect however as soon as I arrived all the girls on the team, as well as the teachers were very welcoming and I felt at home straight away. I feel I have not only grown as a player but as a person too I’ve been challenged to be a better player on the field and within the classroom.

Academically I had to be gaining a 3.0 in my classes otherwise I couldn’t play. This was something that motivated me in my learning as I wanted to be playing and travelling over the weekend.

I had to adjust to things like the currency, the strong southern accent, the culture, dress code and climate however for me I didn’t experience a huge culture shock as I was always busy with classes or soccer! I managed to get myself a little job on campus within a gym. This helped financially and I was able to do this around my training and school schedule.

Over the past 2 years I have travelled across America playing the game that I love, Ive experienced going to different states with friends and I have now discovered what I want to do when I leave after 4 years.

Not only have Starbridge helped me get out to the states but they’ve kept in touch ever since and are now helping me transfer to Minot State in North Dakota. They’ve helped me tremendously through the whole process with my video footage, talking to coaches and helping me with paper work and the visa process. I told them what type of college I was looking for and they put me in contact with places that suited me best. I simply couldn’t of done it without them and I’m very excited for my next adventure and I can’t wait to get back out on the field and to have a whole new experience up North.

Sheneill Lymer

Sheneill Lymer - Minot State University - NCAA DII

In 2017 Starbridge came to one of my training session when I was playing for Derby County U16s and spoke about the services in which they provide to help athletes go and fulfil the dream of playing in the United States.

They mentioned that they offered a tour to the United States for a week to experience the life of being a student athlete abroad. This trip was a no brainer for me and in 2018 I took the trip to Miami. It was a trip in which was fulfilled by countless tours to university both big and small and games everyday with one day off to explore. To me this trip completed my decision of wanting to play football and study in America.

I have now just completed my Freshman year and I can honestly say it has been the best decision of my life to study, play and gain a degree in the States. Starbridge and their amazing support network are the ones to thank for making this happen. They provided me with 24 hour support on a day to day basis from the moment I met them. Starbridge also helped answer any of my questions or problems that were faced when I first arrive in the states.

Starbridge provided me the chance to sign for Minot State University in North Dakota and I can honestly say I love it here. I have made so many amazing friends, teammates and are continuously surrounded by great people. I have to thank Starbridge for everything they did for me and allowing me the chance to live the childhood dream. I appreciate the time and effort they put into making this possible and the aftercare service they have provided is incredible.

Tom Marriott

Tom Marriott - Lander University - NCAA DII

Brett and the guys at Starbridge are absolutely incredible. Once I decided to start a new challenge in America, I had no idea where to start. They helped me find the perfect place for me, where the education and standard of football was exactly what I was looking for.

They dealt with all the paperwork and answered all the questions I had. After my sophomore year in America, I decided to transfer and move to another school because I wanted a change. They were able to help and secure me a spot at another great university where I was able to continue this fantastic journey.

It just shows how once you start with Starbridge, they are always there for you whenever you need them. You become apart of the Starbridge family.