Aftercare Service

Aftercare Service

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The Starbridge Sports aftercare service is market leading. We pride ourself on offering a full four year service to support student athletes and their families with academic and athletic planning during and after completing university in the USA.

Our aftercare service helps our student athletes choose a pathway that fits them individually. Some of the pathways include progressing into graduate assistant coaches whilst completing their masters in the USA, continuing to play full time and also moving into professional careers inside and outside of the game all around the world.

Most recently we have helped some of our clients sign professionally to continue their soccer journey at the next level.

We are also proud to offer a university transfer service for students who require a move during there time in the USA.

Starbridge Sports have a dedicated team of pastoral professionals who are on hand to help provide guidance and support throughout our clients time in the USA.

Atlanta Office

We put staff on the ground in the USA to ensure we can provide the best possible care.

Starbridge Sports opened our Atlanta office in Spring 2020 allowing all of our current and future athletes access to support on the ground in the USA as part of our aftercare and pastoral service.


Atlanta Office Contact Details

Andy Gines

International recruitment officer

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