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Starbridge Sports offer an American Sports Scholarship service in which we assist student athletes to gain collegiate scholarships within the USA. We currently work with colleges and coaches across the whole of the United States. College coaches recruit the best male and female athletes and offer them the chance to study in the USA college system for 4 years at a heavily subsidised rate due to athletic and academic scholarships.

Accepted Sports

We can help you to gain a scholarship in a wide range of sports…

USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships


USA Scholarships

The USA Collegiate Sports system is extremely popular nationally in the United States; in many cases competing with professional championships for prime broadcast, print coverage and for the top athletes. The average university sponsors at least 15 different sports. In total, there are approximately 400,000 student-athletes that participate in sanctioned athletics each year across all collegiate levels.

Excellent Support

The Starbridge team will guide each individual athlete through the scholarship process. This is a very personalised service as we understand the needs of every player and family are different. Our team of experts will work with athletes to ensure they have support each step of the way. This service begins from first contact, through graduation and beyond.

Our tailor made scholarship packages offer student athletes the opportunity to study in the USA college system whilst also obtaining academic qualifications and standards.

Live the life of a student athlete

We offer the opportunity for all our recruits to tour the USA with our Elite showcase tour team. This tour is designed to give potential student athletes and teams the chance to experience the USA collegiate system before committing to our scholarship service. This is a great opportunity to live the life of a student athlete before fully committing to the experience. Please visit our tour page for more information on this aspect of our service.

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