The Scholarship Application process

The Starbridge Sports Process

As an athlete you must ensure that you make the decision to commit to a scholarship in the USA at a time that is right for you. It is extremely important that before committing to Starbridge Sports and our services you are comfortable with our process and team. Similar to applying for university in the UK, the more time a student has to go through the process the less stressful it will be. We recommend that athletes who are ready to commit to applying for a scholarship in the USA follow the timeline below.

Step 01

Initial contact with Starbridge Sports and complete our player profile form. We will then arrange a consultation meeting with you, the athlete and parents/guardians. This meeting will allow you to meet our Scholarship staff and ask any questions that you may initially have before committing to a scholarship application in the USA. Our team will also inform you about eligibility, SAT, showcase events/ Tours and other important aspects of the process.

Step 02

Once Committed to becoming a Starbridge Sports athlete and Scholarship applicant, our team will begin to guide you through our 7 step process. We will register you for the SAT/ACT test and NCAA/NAIA Eligibility centres. Alongside this, you will be invited to our showcase events in which you will be watched by USA University coaches and professional UK football scouts. We will also begin to compile video footage and develop your marketing package.

Step 03

Our Starbridge team will work tirelessly to ensure you are placed at a top university in the USA. It is important to remember that this must meet both academic and athletic requirements. Our experienced team will guide and assist you through this whole process.

Our team will also help you select the cheapest flight options and routes.

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